Parnell Chambers

Parnell Chambers

Gather informations and get great advice from immigration lawyer auckland, you may visit there site at Because becoming a New Zealand citizen is not easy – the country is very careful about the allowing people to become a permanent resident. If, however, you engage the services of an experienced law firm such as Parnell Law Chambers you stand a better chance of getting citizenship. They are based in Auckland, NZ, and they have helped many people find the legal answers they were looking for when it comes to immigration There are several reasons why they should be your preferred immigration lawyers:

•    Parnell Law Chambers know all that there is to know about the immigration process, which means that they can walk you through it all without any hitches. They know how to deal with any complications that may arise along the way, increasing your chances of being granted citizenship.

•    The practice has been around for many years and all their lawyers come with lots of experience. You case will be handled in a professional manner and they will do their best to see that your application is processed in the shortest time possible.

•    Many people apply for and fail to get New Zealand citizenship because they did not prepare their application – they either did not put in all the required information or they put it in wrong.

You will not have to worry about this if you hire Parnell Law Chambers. They will help you fill out your forms properly so that your application is not rejected.

•    The law firm has a high success rate when it comes to immigration. They are able to get permanent residency for most clients because they understand that if they fail their clients they will not have new ones coming to them.

•    Moving to a new country is not always very easy especially in the first few months. Parnell Law Chambers can help you out if you need it. They can show you some of the best places for newly arrived immigrants to live, they can help you find a home, schools and so on.

•    They understand that newly arrived immigrants need every penny so they charge reasonable fees. You will know all your costs upfront so that there are no surprises along the way.

•    Parnell Law Chambers can also help you if your first application for citizenship was rejected. They will go through everything with you so that they can find the mistakes you may have made, fix them and resubmit your forms.

How do you hire them?

You can hire Parnell Law Chambers from anywhere in the world. There are several ways that you can communicate with them. You can visit their website and on their contact page you will find a form where you can submit your query. You can also email them – their email address is on the same page. If you want to talk to them you will find their phone numbers there as well. If you are already in Auckland you can pay them a visit at Level 3, Denby House, 156 Parnell Road. Find out more on their website,