Bay of Plenty Photographer

Bay of Plenty Photographer

How to spot a great Tauranga Photographer? A career in photography can be rewarding hugely, but if only you got the key traits and knowledge needed to flourish. One of the essential components of the photographer’s armory is technical prowess and ways to Focus on Photography

Lauren Davis is one of the few successful photographers in Tauranga, who is a shrewd businessperson and has valuable people skills.

It is true that online consumers will only engage in the online buying process only when they are fully convinced.  One thing that can make the web merchants get more profits is the high-resolution images that are posted on various online commerce sites and then shown from various angles.

Product photography should not be underestimated because it holds the key to success for most of the online business websites. Imagine of an instance where you are on an e-commerce website and then click on a product, but what comes up is some thumbnail photos. This can really be annoying, and also a perfect waste of time by the administrators of the website.

Great product photography, just as proved by Lauren Davis, is paramount in providing shoppers with as much of information on the product as possible.

Online marketing also has its fair share of limitations. One of these is the fact that you cannot be able to try or touch a product online. You will not be given the extra experience where all the products are placed on beautiful shelves, and you can choose and feel any of them. With limitations like these, it’s, therefore, crucial that online traders display their products in a manner and fashion that will lure the consumers to purchase.

At times great product photography is overlooked, something that sets it aside from the pack. Having the product images from various angles, and in all configurations and colors will the potential consumer more product information and can then make a decision to buy the product.

Remember that a not so good-looking web store with semi-decent images will sell better that a website that is good looking but with images that are below par. To make your product photography up to par, you need to consider the following areas,

•    Lighting- it is the most vital aspect of photography. Apart from providing the product accuracy and clarity, it sets the mood, tone, and atmosphere.

•    Background – Go for a simple background that will not distract your audience.

•    Consistency and,

•    Details

Creativity is another thing that should be taken into account. All photographers, starting from the amateur hobbyist to a seasoned expert like Lauren Davis knows the advantage of having a creative soul and mind in creating an excellent portfolio. One thing that has made because it goes the additional mile to seek out and create pieces that are unique and new. This is one thing that differentiates the distinctly average from the vastly successful. Check some of the best images by Lauren Davis here…

If your products appear better on the website, it means you will sell more. To prevent the consumers’ perception of your business from crumbling, you need to put more effort into the appearance of your products.